martes, 5 de diciembre de 2006

Distinguished Poets of America

Editors Caroline Sulivan and Cynthia Stevens
ISBN I-56167-043
The National library of Poetry 1993


Inmobile dancing
silent and quiet dances,
I'm dancing with my fate,
waiting for the date,
I'm dancing with wolves
dancing for myself.
Blue eyes are cutie,
my wolves really beauty.
Wolves are my partners,
they know me damm well,
they chose me for dancing,
dancing in the hell!
Wolves are fine,
walking all the time,
they go all together
to dance for The Letter!
No human, no dates,
no matter what days.
Just my loved wolves
dancing with myself.
We cannot build Rome
we like open sky
not trying to fly
nor escapìng to fight
God, I love these dances,
dances against hell
inside of myself.
Maybe I am not that human
it's easy to say,
wolves are to stay,
dancing in the hell.

Víctor J. Michelón

Esta poesía recibió un premio del editor, además de ser publicada en el libro cuyo nombre figura en el título.

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